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Car Air Conditioning Adelaide

Car Air Conditioning Adelaide

Keeping your car’s air conditioning in top shape is necessary to keeping your car comfortable for your everyday use. While the obvious reason is to keep you cool during Adelaide’s summer time, it is also important to keep it maintained during winter to avoid foggy windshields or internal faults in your air conditioning system. Churchill Tyre Service is not only a tyre retail and service centre, but is also your one stop shop for general automotive repairs and car air conditioning Adelaide. With more than 25 years in the automotive industry, we guarantee high standards of workmanship that will keep every vital part of your car in the best possible condition. For any minor or major defect, talk to us and schedule your service appointment at an available time. We’re open to serve you at Churchill Road, Kilburn from 8am to 5pm on weekdays, and 8am to 12pm on Saturdays.  

Drive Away with Quality Car Air Conditioning Adelaide

Churchill Tyre Service is your partner when it comes to car air conditioning Adelaide, tyres, and other general servicing needs. We are dedicated to bringing you quality service, and go beyond what you need by looking into all minor and major aspects of your car’s maintenance needs.  From general advice to car wash and detailing, we go the extra mile to keep you confident about driving your car without worry. We also understand that car repairs and replacement parts may be costly and urgent, which is why we offer various payment options for your convenience. We accept all major credit cards as well as EFTPOS, fleet cards, and Ezi-Pay options that allow you to pay in fixed monthly installments without any interest. We want you to get your car running in the perfect condition without having to worry about the cost.

Detailed Quality Diagnosis for Your Car Air Conditioning Adelaide

Comprehensive car air conditioning Adelaide servicing involves multiple steps and checks that will give you the best experience when properly done. That is why choosing the right mechanic for car air conditioning Adelaide is very important. The task involves detailed checking of various mechanical parts including drive belts and pulleys. We also look into the operation of thermostats and valves as well as the status of refrigerant in the system. Temperature monitoring while the car is powered on is also important in determining issues that might be caused by faulty components or leaks in the air conditioning system. Once we have fully diagnosed the operation of your car air conditioning Adelaide, we provide you with the details as well as the recommendations and the quote for the repair needed. We can then do the repair for you while you wait or provide a loan car if necessary, and provide interest free options.

Be Comfortable in Your Car with Car Air Conditioning Adelaide

Are you feeling uncomfortable with the air conditioning in your car?  Have your car air conditioning Adelaide unit be checked by professional mechanics at Churchill Tyre Service. Call 1800 897 371 or (08) 7228 5309 today to book your service.

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